Mr Wand goes to LOADS of parties and special events, and it would just be rude not to say a big thank you to everyone for inviting him, and to tell people who weren't there what a great time everyone had. Here's a collection of Mr Wand's thoughts about magical days spent entertaining young audiences.

Another busy weekend


Ellie decided that she would celebrate her 8th birthday at home in Gillingham with a magic show. Lots of cool magic and super happy children and parents.


Wow Isabelle`s party in Stone Cross was a spectacular affair with a guest appearance from Princess Elsa. Chicco was a huge hit with the young audience and the 16 year old kids :-)  but stealing the show again was Merlin.

Danny`s party in Beechen hall Walderslade was a fun packed event with over 40 children. It was all a bit much for little 4 year old Danny who chose not to participate until right at the last minute when he decided to step up and produce Merlin. My philosophy has always been never to force the issue if children do not want to help and yet again Danny proves that given time even the shyest come around and want to join in.

Ben celebrated his birthday in style with a super hero themed party at his home in Gravesend. Lots of super powers and super stars performing magic to create a memorable party.

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