Mr Wand goes to LOADS of parties and special events, and it would just be rude not to say a big thank you to everyone for inviting him, and to tell people who weren't there what a great time everyone had. Here's a collection of Mr Wand's thoughts about magical days spent entertaining young audiences.


I never ask my customers for feed back so it is always really nice when someone drops you a line. Big thank you Tamsin and Daniel Miles whose daughter Libby had a 2 hour party in Peneden Heath recently.

Dear Mr Wand

Wow what can I say. The party was Amazing! I have so many texts and phone calls from my family and friends all saying how amazing you were.  We feel so lucky that we managed to get you for her party as it made it so special and fun. I have so many photos of everyone laughing children and adults as well. Libby’s favourite bit was with Chico the Chicken. She hasn’t stopped talking about it and pretending a fork is her wand! We can not thank you enough for everything you did. We will definitely be booking you for Douglas fifth birthday in 2016! Thank you again.

Tamsin and Daniel Miles

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