Mr Wand

“Hi I have been performing magic for almost 20 years and despite the trouble I get from Chicco I still love my job. As well as answering the phone, sending out emails, writing the script and performing I have to get us  to the show on time. Of course, Chicco thinks he is far more important but I don`t have to bring him if you don`t want”

Chicco the chicken

” I’m Mr Wand`s best assistant and one day I’ll have my own show where I’ll be the star.  I am so clever you`ll want me at your party. I know how to do some really clever things and I even know the secret magic words.”


“Hi I am Merlin, Mr Wands new apprentice and I am looking forward to appearing at your party or special event. you can see a picture of me on the wanderings page.. See you soon

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