Mr Wand goes to LOADS of parties and special events, and it would just be rude not to say a big thank you to everyone for inviting him, and to tell people who weren't there what a great time everyone had. Here's a collection of Mr Wand's thoughts about magical days spent entertaining young audiences.

When your 4 and you have a magic party


It never ceases to amaze me just how much children remember from my shows. I often change routines around, constantly adapting the content of my magic performances. I did a party this weekend for 4 year old Bill who had seen me at his playschool Christmas party. As I walked through the hall door he came running over and asked me if I had bought my jigsaw puzzle with me. The puzzle was something I had added to my Christmas show this year and had not intended to perform as I knew a lot of the children at Bill`s party  would have seen me perform it at their playschool a few weeks ago.  Never one to disappoint I quickly set about adjusting the show to allow time to perform the jigsaw puzzle routine when Bill came back over asking if the talking picture was coming to his party (this all makes sense if you have seen one of my shows :-) ) So a few more adjustments before little Bill appears again and asks about the rabbit. In the end I performed almost the same show that I did at Christmas, Bill and his friends loved it, I think even more than the first time. I knew I had created some magical memories for Bill but it was nice to see this posted by Bill`s mum.Love that the first thing Bill said this morning was ‘ I loved my party mummy, that chicken was so funny! How did you know I’d like that? :-)

Thanks to Bill`s mum for booking me, sharing the picture and lovely feedback.

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